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Bella & The Rollin Rocket

Bella & the Rollin Rocket – this is the band that will get you out of the remnants of the Corona doldrums.
With palatable, but by no means dry sounds, the two play their way into your last brain corners and your wounded souls. Irrevocably inspired by the music of Bob Dylan, it’s no wonder you keep discovering new nuances as you listen to the lyrics repeatedly.
Born and raised in down-to-earth southern Germany, music burned in the souls of both of them from an early age, but from cool and quirky interpretations of Dylan’s songs to their first songwriting and now to their first record release, it was, as with so many who don’t want to take a bourgeois path, not an easy journey.
In 2014 their journey together began, musically as well as privately, and of course in a Munich music club. Since then, Bella and Timo (who is half Scandinavian) inspire each other and write sometimes alone, sometimes together, their own songs. Even when singing, Rollin‘ Rocket, with his rock-folk voice, and Bella, whose clear voice masters a spectrum from high to lower registers, complement each other in a classic way. – Not to mention the matching hat that is the trademark of both.
A worldwide pandemic eventually became their kickstarter, was both a curse and a blessing – being forced to house arrest exploded the potential and a first single was released, „Lockdown Blues“, beautifully capturing the prevailing mood and shortly after the two musicians drew the longed for light to the end of the tunnel with the second single „Better Days“. The flow had begun, one song followed the other and finally „Lionland“ came out, a disc that contains a wide spectrum from thoughtful to rocking songs and will undoubtedly burn itself into the memory of all who will be lucky enough to hear it.